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OSHC Benefits:

We believe Play 4 Life programs and service:

  • Value adds to your Vacation Care Incursion Programs.
  • Reinforce the very important physical aspect of a child’s development.
  • A source of practical assistance in the prevention of childhood obesity.
  • Provide a Focus on Maximum Participation in a Fun Environment.
  • Are planned to cater for the child’s level.
  • Are easy to implement because we make sure all the centres are contacted and serviced pre, during & post sessions to ensure we meet the session’s objectives.
  • Is a one stop resource for OSHC’s head office or the respective centre. Dealing with one contact at Play 4 Life we hope makes the initial administrative workload smooth.
  • Cater for a variety of Physical Activity programs. We can also add new or modify programs to suit what the OSHC desires.


Play 4 Life programs use student teachers (physical education & primary) from the University of Notre Dame plus other W.A. Universities and or Specialised Coaches.

Some of our programs include:

  • Summer Sports
  • Tabloids
  • Multi-Skill
  • Bulls Eye
  • On the Lawn
  • Finals Fever
  • Fit Kids
  • Balls Body & Brains
  • Rio Theme
  • Olympics
  • Sports Specific
  • Recreational Onsite Activities
  • Dance Themes
  • Etc.

Our immediate focus will be to offer OSHC’s a range of specific programs that suit the OSHC’s particular needs, running on a specific day & time to suit.

Physical Activity Specialists