Balls Body & Brains (BBB)

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After-School Balls, Body & Brains:

Fundamental Movement Skill Programs have been proven to assist children’s academic success, physical coordination, spacial and social awareness and self esteem, whilst providing structured physical activity!

Our FUN Balls Body & Brains programs focus on learning the basic skills with Maximum Participation. It’s all about Learning to Move & Moving to Learn.

  • All Sessions are coordinated by Physical Education Teachers and run by Physical Education Specialists or Qualified Coaches.
  • All Teachers, Specialists and Coaches have their Working with Children Check Certification.
  • There are approximately 6 – 8 Sessions per program.
  • Each Session is 1 hour in length.
  • The program venue is on the School Grounds and is straight After-School on a set day per week.
  • Payment for each program can be made in cash, cheque, credit card or direct deposit.
  • Online Registrations and Payments will be available for selected schools and programs from 2015.

Physical Activity Specialists