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After-School General Information

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After-School Specialised Sports / Physical Activity…

  • We have a range of sport & activity programs that are introduced by a ‘Free’ In-School Session (30 minutes per class) with registration flyers then being given out.
  • The ‘Free’ In-School sessions would be scheduled on a day and time to suit the school. They would be for specified year levels, e.g., Pre-Primary to Year 3 and run in 30 minute consecutive timeslots.
  • Parents then receive the registration flyer and decide if they want their child to enrol in the After-School Program for the         nominated cost.
  • We would use the school grounds and the sessions would begin 15 minutes after school finishes. Ideally, the sessions are 60 minutes in length and each program runs between 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Should schools wish to have the After-School programs offered but are not able to allocate time for the In-School sessions, then it is possible for Registration flyers to be delivered to the school to be handed out to the children.