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Tennis Maestro – Whistle


3 - Twist & Lock Forehand

Dramatically Develops & Improves: A Topspin Forehand & Topspin Backhand stroke in Tennis!

  • The Tennis Maestro is perfect for young players because:
    • When the player completes the correct stroke the Tennis Maestro will make a soft Whistle sound. 
    • The Tennis Maestro offers instant auditory feedback.
    • To make the Whistle sound – The player needs to swing their racquet with a Backswing, Contact Point and Follow Through with the required Racquet Speed.
    • The Tennis Maestro is the ideal ‘Training Partner’ because the player can swing the racquet and perform the Topspin Forehand and Topspin Backhand with or without a ball because when the Tennis Maestro whistles it enhance the correct technique while reinforcing good muscle memory.
  • Players, coaches and parents will understand its basic usage because it’s so simple to use. 
  • Players are able to teach themselves while enhancing and further developing their Topspin strokes.