AFL Maestro – Football








Dramatically Develops & Improves: Kicking – Drop Punt / Torpedo / Snap / Check, Handpassing & Bouncing a Football!

  • The Football is perfect for young players because:
    • The Top Half of the Football has ‘U’ shaped coloured markings to show you hand positions to hold the Football so you can execute the skill.
    • The Coloured areas on the Bottom Half of the Football show the correct contact points for the Foot or Hand on the Football so the Kick, Handpass & Bounce can be executed.
    • It develops their knowledge of where to hold the Football and where to make contact with the Football to move it in a desired direction while competing the skill.
  • The AFL Maestro is perfect for coaches who may not have a lot of football experience. Coaches and parents will understand the basic skills because it’s so simple to use.
  • Players are able to teach themselves while enhancing and further developing a variety of skills.

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