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15 A Day @ Home - Community

Is available for everyone.  Join our 14 day 'Free Trail' to use '15 A Day @ Home' (Community) and start   being active!  Watch our video on the right to see a sample of our 15 A Day @ Home Daily Fitness        Program in action.

Play 4 Life's - 15 A Day @ Home is our School Daily Fitness and Well-Being Program that can now be done at home.

Our 15 A Day @ Home Program has been developed by Physical Education, Sports Science, Education & Fitness Specialists.

All our Sessions are designed to be 15 minutes of 'Fun', but challenging Activities that improve your child's daily fitness levels, while developing their balance, strength, flexibility, hand-eye & foot-eye coordination, etc.

More importantly, our Sessions have also been designed to include the whole family!

Trial 15 A Day @ Home for 'Free' for 14 days, no obligation to continue after the trial.  However, if you like our Program then the cost will be A$10.00 per month.  You can cancel at anytime prior to your next PayPal periodic payment.

How to Start

  • Select the Online Registration Tab, complete and submit your registration.
  • Select the PayPal 'Free Trial' Tab, set-up your PayPal   payment account
  • Once we verify your details we will activate your account so you can Login to access your 15 A Day @ Home video page.

The 15 A Day @ Home video page will include the following information and Activities:

  • Spotify & Apple Music - 15 A Day @ Home Playlists
  • Indoor Activities - Video 1
  • Indoor Activities - Video 2
  • Indoor Activities - Video 3
  • Outdoor
  • Well-Being
  • Brain Breaks - Physical
  • Brain Breaks - Rote Learning

Physical Activity Specialists