15 A Day @ Home

15 A Day @ Home - Schools

Children from schools currently using '15 A Day' at their schools can LOGIN for 'Free' using the '15 A Day @ Home' video page link and password supplied to them by the school!

15 A Day @ Home - Community

Is available for everyone.  Join our 14 day 'Free Trail' to use '15 A Day @ Home' (Community) and start   being active!  Watch our video on the right to see a sample of our 15 A Day @ Home Daily Fitness        Program in action.

Play 4 Life's - 15 A Day is our School Daily Fitness and   Well-Being Program that can now be done at home.

Our 15 A day @ Home (Community) Program has been     developed by Physical Education, Sports Science, Education & Fitness Specialists.

We've catered for the current health crisis by creating     Sessions that can be done indoors & outdoors (front or backyards).  Parents, Guardians & Participants would       decide which Activities suit their needs. 

All our Sessions are designed to be 15 minutes of 'Fun', but challenging Activities that improve your child's daily fitness levels, while developing their balance, strength, flexibility, hand-eye & foot-eye coordination, etc.

More importantly, our Sessions have also been designed to include the whole family!

15 A Day - Schools

During this current health crisis we will offer your school our '15 A Day @ Home' program for 'Free' for 5 school weeks or when schools go back after the current health    crisis, whichever is the greater.  Just let us know of your     interest and we will have your school up and running within 48 hours so all your children can login directly at home!

Watch our '15 A Day' Promo video below to see and hear all about our amazing

'15 A Day' School Daily Fitness Program

After the current health crisis or the 'Free' trial period your school can join for a Term, Semester or Yearly.

Our annual prices are based on student numbers & start from as low as 40 cents per student, per term.

(Conditions Apply)

Physical Activity Specialists